About Dinner From Last Night

Hi! I'm Val!

I'm a 25 year-old eternal student trying to get my PhD.

Basically, when I'm not working or zoned out in a too much research induced coma, I'm either cooking food, planning new recipes or thinking about food. I like food. A lot.

This is John, my super cute husband. I almost always make him take pictures of the food because of the two of us, he actually knows what he's doing with a camera.

John will also be making appearances here on Dinner from Last Night. He is the yeast man. Bread, beer, and any recipe involving yeast is his territory.

This is the rest of our little family. We adopted these two back when we were in college. The little one on the left is Molly and the beast on the right is Zeus. We think they're siblings, but we got them at separate times so we're not completely sure.

If you ever saw them, you'd wonder how they couldn't be related.

They clean up the kitchen floors for me. You can harldy ever tell I cooked anything because the kitchen floors are always clean! Except for the dog hair... the dog hair is everywhere.

My friend Kaanan came up with the name for this blog. I suck at naming things. Seriously, my first hamster was named furball. He was a ball of fur. See? No good. So, super huge thanks to Kaanan for making up for my lame naming skills. 
Kaanan, you rock!

Thanks for coming to see us!

-Val and John
a.k.a. Dinner From Last Night


  1. Hey Val and John!
    Emi showed me your blog while I'm here in Worcester! I'll be looking for it when I get home. I'm so glad you are enjoying the CSA shares! You can be creative and healthy at the same time! How's the second batch of beer John? Are you ready to trade a six pack for a dozen ears of corn? It should be ready when I get back this week (8/9/10).
    Becky (MrsW)

  2. Awww Becky I just saw your comment! We're having a great time with the CSA so far. We're getting lots of interesting food that we wouldn't normally cook if we weren't forced to. But it's so much fun!

    John hasn't made another batch of beer yet, but I'll definitely be posting it when that happens! When it's ready we'd love to give you guys a six pack, whether we trade for corn or not!